Why I Practice Transparent Real Estate

I have long practiced what I call transparent real estate.

I reveal everything (good and bad) to my clients so they can “see through” their transaction with full disclosure and all facts on the table.

If you ask my clients, they will all tell you that I’m their trusted advisor; not someone who’s focused upon “closing the sale” or “getting the listing”.

I don’t persuade my clients to do what’s best for me; I advise them so they can make their own informed decisions.

Allowing my clients to “own” their own decisions also relieves me of the burden of having to convince them and keep them excited until closing.

My clients hear the truth about all aspects of their proposed transaction without enduring the usual sales persuasion tactics.

If challenges arise during the course of the transaction, I share my concerns with my clients instead of concealing them and hoping everything works out.

It’s a lot easier to work with clients who are motivated and capable than it is to spend my time trying to convince (“close”) unmotivated prospects to act.

And, it tends to result in a very high percentage of closings vs. sales falling through.

It’s a very rare event for me to have a listing that doesn’t sell or a transaction that falls through.


Boise Home Inspections

Most Boise home sales include a home inspection.

In the Boise real estate market, the buyers typically pay for a home inspection that’s done by an inspector of their choosing.

The cost for a home inspection is often $300, or more, depending upon the size of the home and the scope of the inspection.

After the inspection, the inspector will prepare a report with his findings and deliver it to the buyers and their agent.

If there are no significant defects, the transaction will proceed normally.

If the inspection reveals items needing repair, the buyers will have the option of asking the sellers (in writing) to repair those items.

The sellers can agree to complete the requested repairs, in which case the transaction will proceed normally.

If the buyers and sellers can’t agree on repair issues, the buyers can cancel the transaction and receive a refund of their earnest money.

Some sellers opt to have their home “pre-inspected” by a home inspector of their own choosing prior to listing their home.

A pre-inspection report, combined with paid repair receipts, can be used as an effective marketing tool.

When sellers have their home pre-inspected, the buyers still have the option of having the home inspected by their own home inspector.

It’s important to understand that home inspectors aren’t licensed in Idaho.

That means that each home inspector can approach inspections differently.

Note: This is a simple explanation of a complex issue.  For additional insights on home inspection issues, please call me at (208)938-5533 or e-mail me.


Boise Homes: Home Security

I have an upcoming listing that reminds me of the importance of securing a home by changing the garage keypad code.

There are a lot of Boise homes that have had the same garage keypad code since they were brand-new!

This particular home is owned by out-of-state sellers and has been rented twice since they moved out of area.

The last tenant moved out last week and the property manager doesn’t know the garage keypad code.

That means the last tenant, and perhaps the previous tenant, could still access the house.

There’s also the possibility that various friends/neighbors of the tenants could have the garage code too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the code is still the same one my seller used years ago!

That probably wouldn’t be a problem in this situation, but imagine a scenario where a tenant leaves on bad terms with the owner (unpaid rent, cost of repairs taken out of the tenant’s deposit, etc.)

So, I will be going to the house today to re-program the garage code keypad.

Re-programming a garage keypad code is relatively simple with most garage door openers.

Most of them have a “learn” button on the back of the garage door opener.

You simply press that button until the light on the unit blinks, then you have 30 seconds to type in a new code on the keypad and press “enter”.

Be sure to test the new code after you’ve changed it to make sure it works.

Tip of the Day:

When you type in the new code, try to be more original than using “0000” or “1234”.

Those codes exist for most of the garage keypads in the Boise real estate market. 


Why Boise Real Estate Agents Are Like Pizza

Here are 11 reasons why Boise real estate agents are like pizza:

1.   You can get one just about anywhere

2.   Some have lots of dough

3.   Some have little dough

4.   Some have thin crusts

5.   Some have thick crusts

6.   Some are spicy

7.   Some are bland

8.   Some are square

9.   Some are round

10. Some are difficult to digest

11. Some give you gas